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...complex energy transfers...










Woop Woop!




• Be able to describe complex energy transfers, involving multiple stages.



• Be able to draw energy transfer diagrams, for complex energy transfers with multiple stages.














Task 1 - Starter





Think hard!



Looking good!





Find someone who:




1) can name the ten forms of energy.


2) knows which types of energy can be stored.


3) can describe the energy change that takes place in a television.


4) can describe the energy change that takes place in a wind-up toy.


5) can describe the energy change that takes place in a candle.





Your teacher will tell you which questions to discuss.










Task 2 - More complex energy transfers




A squirrel cage filament light bulb





Some energy transfers are a more complex than others.  These energy transfers have multiple stages.




Look at the three examples of multi-stage energy transfers below.




• A battery powered torch.


• A bouncy ball.


• A tiny solar powered car.










Example 1 - Battery powered torch





Another filament bulb :)






Look at the simple circuit below.  What kinds of energy are involved?







What might the energy transfer diagram look like for this simple circuit?









Energy changes in a battery powered torch














Example 2 - Bouncy ball





Bouncy balls!



The ball bouncing in the video below demonstrates another energy transfer with multiple stages.  Your teacher will explain the energy changes taking place.



What would the energy transfer diagram look like for this?










Example 3 - Solar powered car





Look at the tiny car!



Look at this tiny solar powered car.  What kind of energy transfers are happening here?



What would the energy transfer diagram look like for this?











Task 3 - Multi-stage energy transfers




Energy changing forms!




Think hard!

I know all about energy transfers.




Me too!



Discuss the energy changes taking place in the devices below, and draw energy transfer diagrams for each of them.



1) a battery powered torch.


2) a hand generator powering a bulb.


3) A laptop computer (running from the battery)


4) a book falling from a shelf


5) a water balloon thrown upwards


6) a bouncy ball dropped from a height.


7) a wind-up torch.


8) a pop-up "smiley" toy




Write the name of the device, and underline it.  Draw the arrows using a pencil and ruler.  Add labels to show which types of energy are useful, and which are wasted.


Extension: draw an energy transfer diagram for a toy or device at home which involves multi-stage energy transfers.










Task 4 - So many energy transfers!




Wow.  That's a lot of energy transfers...



This video shows a huge range of energy transfers.  Watch carefully to see if you can identify some of the energy transfers taking place.




An INCREDIBLE sequence of energy transfers :)



Extension: can you think of any places that new energy was introduced into the system?





























Draw energy transfer diagrams for the following devices:





I haven't written a homework task for this lesson.




Top sets: Label each type of output energy as either useful or wasted.

The homework task will be available here as a word document.