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...friction & air resistance...











• Know that friction and air resistance are forces which act against motion.



• Be able to explain how the surface area of an object affects the amount of air resistance and friction.



• Be able to explain how the shape of an object will affect the amount of air resistance.









Task 1 - Starter




Hands up!





I know the answer!




Find someone who knows:




• at least five words that can be used to describe forces.



• The units used to measure forces.



• The name of the device used to measure forces.




Your teacher will ask you to share your ideas with the class, and may write some of your ideas on the board.








Task 2 - Explaining Friction





Think hard!




Friction is caused by surfaces rubbing together.




• Try to think of somewhere friction is useful.



• Try to think of somewhere friction is a problem.





Extension: rub your hands together.  The frictional forces will lead to a build up of heat energy.  Your teacher may show you the simulation below, to help explain what causes the frictional force, and how it results in a build up of heat.














The simulation below shows how two surfaces rubbing together produces a frictional force, and how this leads to a heating effect.










Click below to open the simulation in full screen mode



Thanks to PhET for this awesome simulation :)



HTML 5 technology!












Remember ALL the things!















  Can be stored




  Cannot be stored



  ▪ c





  ▪ h














Task 3 - E




Honk honk!







/Is this REALLY the noise dinosaurs made...?!
















Your teacher has placed a range of devices around the room, w





▪ d



▪ s


All of these devices use and produce energy.




Visit each station in order.  Which types of energy can you identify?  Record your results in this table.




There is a blank copy of the table here, if you wish to choose your own set of devices.











Task 4 - E





Think hard!












Another  Simulation




Teacher notes will be available here, at some point.


Thanks to PhET for this awesome simulation :)



HTML5 technology!  Woop Woop!








Click this image to load the simulation in full screen mode.












This content is still being written.



More content to follow!































The television.







Draw energy transfer diagrams for