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Launch your own HAB






The parachute opens in the thin atmosphere.





This page contains information for anyone interested in launching a High Altitude Balloon of their own.  More information will be posted when I have time.





Space.  Pretty.





So, a few useful websites:


Robert Harrison's ICARUS website has a fantastic amount of info.  Robert Harrison currently holds the altitude record for an amateur launch, and has provided a wealth of resources.  Essential reading!


Random Solutions is a UK based supplier of balloons, parachutes and other flight hardware.  Everything I read says the Kaymont balloons are some of the best available and the 1500g balloon (which also carries a 1500g payload) is ideal for this task.


HAB Supplies is great for electronics supplies, and are also UK based.


Radiometrix make excellent radio transmitter modules.  We used one of their modules (the NTX2) and they are incredibly helpful and happy to advise as regards setting it up to get the maximum possible range.


The CUSF Flight predictor lets you run predictions of flight paths to see where your balloon is likely to land.

The CHDK wiki has lots of information about programming cameras for time lapse using the CHDK firmware package.


The software we ended up using for our camera programming was SDM, a variant of CHDK.  Make sure the camera you purchase is based on the DIGIC II processor (there is a list of cameras and firmware revisions for which SDM/CHDK are available)


The EOSS Balloon FAQ also makes some very useful reading and has lots of hints and tips that can only come from the experience of repeated launches!