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...our solar system...


free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.











• Be able to name a range of objects in our solar system.



• Be able to describe the structure of our solar system.



• Be able to state the names of the planets in order.











Task 1 - Starter




Hands up!





I know the answer!




Find someone who knows:



1) What the solar system is.


2) A fact about a planet in our solar system.


3) A fact about a planet or object outside our solar system.


4) The name of a recent space mission, and its purpose.


5) What the International Space Station is.


6) What the sun, stars, planets and moons are.


7) What comets, asteroids, satellites and galaxies are.


8) What terrestrial, interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic mean.



Your teacher will you which questions to discuss.










Task 2a - Objects in our solar system





I live on the third rock from the Sun.





There are eight planets in our solar system, and lots of other objects too! 






This presentation shows you some of the objects in our solar system - and beyond!


Powerpoint presentation - click here to download.





This video shows an incredible scale model of the solar system.



Video credit: YouTube / Wylie Overstreet & Alex Gorosh.

Thanks to Jon Hargreaves of Ivybridge Community College for sharing this!










Task 2b - Objects in our solar system







Flash technology!




This animation shows the orbits of the inner planets.


Click here for a full screen version.





This animation shows the orbits of the outer planets.


Click here for a full screen version.











Task 3 - Writing a mnemonic





I already know a mnemonic!





Write a mnemonic to help you remember the names of the planets in order:














Your teacher may tell you examples of other mnemonics, to provide you with some inspiration!










Task 4 - The Galaxy Song







Listen to The Galaxy Song by Monty Python.  It has lots of fun facts about space!




Video credit: YouTube / Monty Python.  CAUTION: typical Python-esque visuals, and one naughty word.  Check this content is suitable for your classes, before using it.





This alternative animated version has different visuals, and may be more suitable for younger classes.

Right click on the image and select "play", or click here to load in full screen mode.

CAUTION: visuals appropriate for all ages, but still contains one naughty word.

Music credit: Monty Python.  Animation credit: unknown.






















Produce an A4 poster or leaflet to encourage extraterrestrial tourists to visit either:



▪ Our solar system


▪ A planet or moon in our solar system



Include pictures and interesting facts to entice them!


Click here to download this homework task.