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...generating electricity 2...










Woop Woop!




• Be able to describe how a range of energy resources work, in detail.



• Be able to describe the energy transfers taking place in each method.



Produce a poster or leaflet about one of your chosen energy resources.











Task 1 - Starter




Hands up!





I know the answer!




Find someone who knows:



1) Which methods of generating electrical energy are renewable?


2) Which methods of generating electrical energy are non-renewable?


3) Which methods are most commonly used in the UK?


4) What factors affect the amount of electrical energy being used?


5) Which methods damage the atmosphere?


6) Which methods cause habitat destruction?



Your teacher will tell you which questions to discuss.










Task 2 - Reminder: disadvantages of energy resources




My brain is powered by electricity.





Sort the cards to match the correct energy resources to each disadvantage.



Click the image below to download this task.



Teacher note: There is an alternative version of this task here, which may be more suited to foundation groups.  The second page of the document gives the answers.


Click the image above to download this task.










Task 3 - Research




A coal power station.




Find out about two of the following energy resources in detail.  Present your research as a word document, poster or leaflet.



1) Wind turbines.


2) Hydroelectric dams.


3) Tidal barrages.


4) Geothermal power stations.


5) Solar (photovoltaic) cells.


6) Wave power.


7) Biofuels.


8) Nuclear power stations.



Use the laptops and textbooks for your research.  Include pictures, diagrams and explanations and draw an energy transfer diagram for each of your chosen energy resources.










Task 4 - Sharing the knowledge





Those are strange looking words...!




Find someone who:



1) can tell you about another type of energy resource.



2) needs to learn about one of the energy resources you researched.




See if you can find out about all 8 of the energy resources in the list, and make notes about each one in your book.











Task 5 - Plenary




I know! ME!




Volunteers please!




Who can give a 30 second summary of an energy resource to the rest of the class?

















An unhappy polar bear.





Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.






Find out about each of the following.  Answer the questions in full sentences.




1) Which power stations emit carbon dioxide gas (CO2).


2) The negative environmental effects caused by CO2.


3) Which power stations emit sulphur dioxide gas.


4) The negative environmental effects caused by sulphur dioxide.




Click the image above to download this homework task.